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Chiropractic adjustments delivered by a licensed chiropractor are different from the more general “spinal manipulation” delivered by non-chiropractors. Where chiropractic adjustments are specific, spinal manipulation is usually more general and designed to merely mobilize a joint.


The doctors at Montana Spine and Neuro Development Center offer an intensive neurological exam.  Retained reflexes are found in individuals struggling with neurodevelopment disorders including ADD/ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Learning Disorder and Brain Injury. 

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on helping people improve their athletic performance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries. It is a fast-growing health care field, because health workers who specialize in sports medicine help all kinds of people, not just athletes.

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Montana Spine and Neurodevelopment Center is happy to offer our cash patients prepaid Wellness plans.

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