Chiropractic Care

The best care

Chiropractic adjustments delivered by a licensed chiropractor are different from the more general “spinal manipulation” delivered by non-chiropractors. Where chiropractic adjustments are specific, spinal manipulation is usually more general and designed to merely mobilize a joint.

This is a common concern. Naturally, if you’re suffering from some type of spinal pain, the thought of someone moving things around probably sounds, well, scary. Relax. Because of a chiropractor’s extensive training, skill and experience, most chiropractic adjustments are like lifting a heavy rock off your toe. Many patients report an almost immediate sense of ease.


Chiropractic care during pregnancy can lead to less anxiety and morning sickness, improved posture for shorter delivery times with less intervention, relief of pressure on the spine and nerves, reduced tension and pain, improved recovery from labor and delivery, and baby positioning (Webster's Technique).



Care for children can improve sleep, digestion, and nursing in infants.  It can lead to less colic, illness, infections, anxiety ad bedwetting.  Improved behavior, concentration, mood and digestion.  Improvements in posture, coordination and all sensory motor issues.


Diet and Nutritional Support

Nutritional concerns can contribute to the neurological dysfunction a child may be experiencing.  Food sensitivities and toxicity will often manifest as emotional behavioral changes, sleeping problems and learning difficulties.  

Chronic chemical stress to the nervous system by toxins, chemicals or an inappropriate diet will also cause significant challenge to the immune and nervous system for children and adults. 

By addressing any nutritional deficiencies or sensitivities that may be present we are able to remove another major obstacle to proper development.