Payment Plans

Montana Spine and Neurodevelopment Center is happy to offer our cash patients prepaid Wellness plans.

The plan is refundable.  If you do not use all of your visits, the unused visits will be refunded minus the original cost of the adjustment/session (before the discount).  Plans can be utilized by immediate family members.  Those who want to submit to their insurance or Aflac are not eligible.

 12 adjustment prepay package $570 
(A savings of $90-$150)

6 adjustments prepay package $270
(A savings of $30-$90)

Therapies/Rehab/Modalities prepay package

6 sessions for $100
includes ultrasound, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and Cranial Sacral massage
(A savings of $40-$70)

Exercise/Neuro Movement 12 visit package for $350
(A savings of $130)

Exercise/Neuro Movement 6 visit package for $200

(A savings of $30-$90)

  • Payment for the office visit, lab tests, or supplements/products is expected at the time of service. 

  • We accept cash, check and credit card (visa, mastercard and discover).

  • A $35 return check fee will be assessed for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

  • If you request your visit be sent to your insurance company, you will not qualify for any prepay discounts.  We can submit your visit to, Workers Comp, Motor Vehicle insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and BC/BS ONLY (not Healthy MT Kids).  All other insurance claims must be submitted by you (our staff can help answer any questions you have).  

  • We do accept Medicaid - you may need a referral - please inquiry with our staff for details.

  • The pre-pay plans do not qualify for Medicare patients - please inquiry with our front desk for more information